RAILS/AIES Schedule 2017 – University of South Australia, City West Campus, Hawke Building, 6th Floor  

Tuesday, 28 November 2017
8-9 AM Registration – AIES 6th Flr, Hawke Bldg.
9-9:30 AM Teaching diversity, becoming inclusive: perspectives and possibilities in ASEAN library and information science schools


Eclevia, Eclevia, Jr., Maestro, & Fredeluces H6-12
9:30-10 AM Responding to a changing cohort profiles in Records and Archives Management education: a collaborative case study


Lymn H6-12
10-10:30 AM What counts as “Library Science” literature?: The past decade of “library science” publication in Web of Science


Garrison, Thompson, Santelices-Werchez & Arellano-Rojas H6-12
10:30-11 AM Morning Tea
11-11:30 AM Location, location, location: How does organisational structure affect information studies programmes?


Liew, Calvert, Goulding, Chawner & Campbell-Meier H6-12
11:30-12 PM The education of information professionals: a cross-cultural comparison of Australian and American approaches


Gibbons & White H6-12
12-12:30 PM A conversation with the President of the Association for Library & Information Science Education (ALISE)


Prof. Dietmar Wolfram, School of Information Studies, Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (via video conference)


12:30-1:30 PM Lunch
1:30 -3 PM Doctoral Workshop H6-10 Discussion about future of AIES/RAILS H6-11
3-3:30 PM Afternoon Tea     Afternoon Tea
3:30-4 PM Doctoral Workshop H6-10
4-5 PM Publishers Panel H6-10
Wednesday, 29 November 2017
8-9 AM Registration 6th Flr., Hawke Bldg
9-10:30 AM Conference Welcome Velasquez HH3-09
UniSA Welcome Dansie HH3-09
Keynote Address Walkey Hall HH3-09
10:30-11 AM Morning Tea
11-11:30 AM Lost opportunities – why don’t library and information faculty staff and staff in academic libraries collaborate (panel)


Campbell-Meier, Fletcher, Velasquez, Morgan HH3-09 Comparing online research behaviour of novice and experience university students


Qayyum & Smith H6-12
11:30-12 PM Unlocking the ivory tower: Practitioner research and collaboration as the key to knowledge translation in library and information studies


White & Cossham HH3-09 Books, Trucks and People: The logistics of the library stock movement (Panel)


Reynolds, Hooi, Bramley, & Merceica H6-12
12-12:30 PM Crossing the boundaries: a collaborative experience to integrate digital curriculum and literacy support in UniSA online


Hounslow & Ciccone


HH3-09 Doing digital literacies differently: academic libraries connecting research and practice to build institutional engagement


Salisbury & Bailey H6-12
12:30-1:30 PM Lunch Lunch
1:30-2 PM Does research conducted with qualitative methods have more impact?


Jamali HH3-09  Information provision and active citizenship: An NGO’s information-based interactions


Yerbury & Connor H6-12
2-2:30 PM Supporting researchers and institutions in engagement and impact assessment




HH3-09 Digital methods in a searchable world: Research ethics in the age of social media


Narayan & Fransen-Taylor H6-12
2:30-3 PM Nurturing interdisciplinary dialogue testing ‘the idea of the university’ within the community of academic librarians


Salisbury & Peseta HH3-09 Identity and the LIS Profession


Hussey & Campbell-Meier H6-12
3–3:30 PM Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea
3:30-4 PM Facing challenges together: A collaborative approach to understanding contemporary government library and information services


Hallam, Sibthorpe & Bordoni HH3-09 Learning together: the benefits of a learning and teaching Community of Practice


Osborne H6-12
4-4:30 PM Records as practice not artefacts: government records through the genre lens


Colwell HH3-09 Interdisciplinarity in an Indigenous knowledge context


Lilley H6-12
4:30-5 PM Assumptions and authority: Implications of data analytics


Olsson & Henninger HH3-09 Confessions of a library tourist: Libraries are not for everyone and other less I learnt by travelling the world


Reddacliff H6-12
6-8 PM Cocktail Party Kerry Packard Civic Gallery Hawke Level 3
Thursday, 30 November 2018
8-9 AM Registration 6th Flr., Hawke Bldg
9-9:30 AM Relevance 2020 Roundtable discussions (Panel)


Hider H6-09 “Filled with information and better”: Using guided inquiry with secondary students in the school library


Garrison, Fitzgerald, & Sheerman H6-12
9:30-10 AM Strengthening the research-practice nexus in LIS: Issues and the way forward (Panel)


Narayan, Salisbury, Du, Hodge, Howard, Jamali, & Liu H6-03  


10-10:30 AM An investigation of the perceptions, expectations, and behaviours of library employers on job negotiations as both employers and as job seekers in Australia


Attar, Royals, & Duffield H6-03 Towards diversity in young adult fiction in Australia: a discourse analysis of YA authors’ experiences


Booth H6-12
10:30-11 AM Morning Tea Morning Tea
11-11:30 AM Inclusive public libraries for children with disability


Kaeding H6-03 In search of Indigenous wisdom and interdisciplinary ways of learning together


Haines, Du H6-12
11:30-12 PM Abecedarian approach to conversational reading: the role children’s librarians play as enablers, fostering early literacy practices of parents and their very young children


Paull H6-03 Antiquarian booksellers: Collections, collecting and book selection


Aroney H6-12
12-12:30 PM Programme and service evaluation practices in public libraries


Goulding, Du, Campbell-Meier H6-03 Strengthening LIS through practitioner research: Insights in the views of Australian library managers


Walkley-Hall, Salisbury, Hallam, Lee, & Lerner H6-12
12:30-1:30 PM Lunch Lunch
1:30-2 PM “Do you even document, bro?” Information management practices in technology start-ups


Dryburgh H6-03 Demonstrating value through user experience research methodologies


Clements & Stevens H6-12
2-2:30 PM Describing and preserving more archival material in digital formats


Pulford H6-03 Research together: exploring research productivity and collaboration of librarians in ASEAN countries


Eclevia, Eclevia, Vinzon, Janio, Apolinario


2:30-3 PM Exploring the Chinese in Chinese-Australian: Information practices in cultural identity


Su H6-03 Exploring sensings in practice: Affective dimensions of knowledge sharing


Leith & Yerbury H6-12
3–3:30 PM Afternoon tea Afternoon Tea
3:30-4 PM Effective strategies for marketing library services and resources


Yi H6-03 What are they doing? Developing a methodology of practice to analyse knowledge work in organisations.


Irvine-Smith H6-12
4-4:30 PM Challenges of recruitment and retention of cross-disciplinary research participants: lessons learned from a pilot study


Khatamian Far & Brown




H6-03 e-Textbook services to academics and students at Flinders University: Past, present and future


Van der Walt, Wallis, Weishaupt, & de Cean H6-12
4:30-4:45 PM  Closing session H6-03