About Canberra



Canberra was voted by Lonely Planet as the third best city to travel to in 2018, after Seville and Detroit. It has a great diversity of attractions and experiences all within close proximity to accommodation and transport. It is nature oriented and has incredible food and many events. It is home to the Australian National Library and provides a great opportunity to explore significant culture, art and history though a good number of museums, galleries and archives. There are also plenty of landmarks, markets, shopping, food and wine.

Canberra has four distinct seasons. October is in the middle of Spring (Sept 1 to Nov 30). The conference falls just after the Floriade festival but public gardens and parks will still be awash with colour and the weather will be warming up. October is a good time for outdoor fun, walking, cycling and exploration.

For more information about visiting Canberra and its attractions, visit https://visitcanberra.com.au/

Places to visit in Canberra


Photo credit:  Australian War Memorial by Patty Jansen via Pixabay